You can join the Policy Research International Inc. in three ways to amplify your impact and improve the child/youths and family development, health, safety and security of America and developing countries.

  1. Direct your philanthropy where needed most through ongoing financial support.
  • Policy Research International Inc can target investments where most needed, such as expanding proven Policy Research International Inc. programs, discovering new human and business development solutions. Help Policy Research International Inc. address critical children, youths, and family development health challenges by supporting our work in priority areas.
  1. Partner with us on a specific priority or named or endowed fund.
  • Engage in a conversation with Policy Research International Inc. to identify mutual goals and collaboration strategies.
  • You can advance Policy Research International Inc’s work on a specific youths development and social cohesion threat by supporting a Policy Research International Inc program. Additionally, you can invest in Policy Research International Inc endowed or named fund to provide much-needed support and ongoing resources for a variety of critical children, youths developmental and health challenges.
  • To learn more about advancing our critical development interventions programs in North America and developing countries in either of these ways, contact us at info@policyresearchinternational.org,  policyresearchng@gmail.com or 646-239-5354
  1. Become an ambassador for Policy Research International Inc and help us spread the word.
  • Learn how the Policy Research International Inc, through work with partners like you, helps to extend Policy Research International Inc’s mission. Follow us on social media, and sign up for email updates to learn more about the vital and unique role Policy Research International Inc. plays in protecting promoting sustainable development of children, youths and family health and security and safety of  family, community, and small businesses.

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